Pox Glass Cast For Casting Up To 1 Cm-7 Kg

Pox Glass Cast For Casting Up To 1 Cm-7 Kg

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Pox Glass Cast is clear epoxy thin casting resin.


Pox Glass Cast is a low viscosity, water-clear, UV resistant, self degassing epoxy casting resin developed for smaller or thinner casting and can be layered to create depth.

Recommended Uses

Pox Glass Cast finishes used for:-.
• Jewellery
• Decorative tableware
• Ornaments & Lenses
• 3D resin-art
• Knots/ Wood inlays, etc.
• Gaps

key features

• Environment friendly (odor free and no solvent)
• Cast up to 10mm (per layer)
• Highly UV Resistant
• Exceptional clarity
• Natural air bubble release without the need for degassing
• Hard wearing and highly polishable!
• Excellent impact strength

Technical Specification

Mix ratio by weight : 100 A : 40 B
Color Water clear
Solids Content 100 %
Specific gravity 1.1 ± 0.02
Working time Approx. 1 h (at 23 °C)
Substrate temp. Min 10 °C , max 30°C
Initial Curing time Approx. 24 h (at 23 °C)
Fully cured 7 days (at 23 °C)
Hardness, Shore D > 80


Measurement unit : Piece

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