Loctite 8021- 400 ml

Loctite 8021- 400 ml

Type : 8021

Brand : loctite

Origins : Netherlands
Status : New

Measurement unit : Piece

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 Lubricant - silicone oil. For use on metal and non-metal surfaces. Suitable as release agent.

LOCTITE® LB 8021 is a general purpose, low-viscosity silicone oil used for lubricating metal and non-metal surfaces (e.g. guides, conveyors, cutting knives and plastic components). It may also be used as a release agent in moulds etc. The product is typically used in applications with an operating temperature range of -30 °C to +150 °C (continuous) and -50 °C to +250 °C (peaks) after the complete evaporation of solvents.
Silicone oil
Lubricates metal and non-metal surfaces
Suitable as release agent
H1 NSF Reg. No.: 141642


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